Our History

The LVK Legacy of Literacy



In 1969 Literacy Volunteers was introduced to the State of Maine by Sister Benigna and Agnes Beckwith. Two years later, 1971, a Basic Reading Workshop was held at Bath and Peg Morrill was the first person in the Augusta area to attend. In November of 1972, she held the first Basic Reading Workshop in the greater Augusta area. About twelve people attended the workshop and in 1973 the Augusta Affiliate of Literacy Volunteers was formed.


In the early years, members often met at one of the volunteers’ homes and bake sales were often held to raise enough money to buy supplies. Advertising for students involved placing posters around the area, passing out fliers, and coordinating with adult education programs.

Peg Morrill – ‘Our Founding Mother’ – not only started the LVA affiliate, but served in every capacity in the organization.



In 1973, The Augusta Affiliate of Literacy Volunteers was formed.



In 1982, the LVA affiliate was distinguished by being named ‘Affiliate of the Year in Maine’! Our affiliate had the greatest increase of learners for the year. LVA was only one in five affiliates in the country to be nominated for the Connie Haendel Award in that same year.



In 1984, the word ‘affiliate’ was dropped from the organization nationwide and LVA became known as Literacy Volunteers of America-Augusta. In that year alone our tutors tutored 1000 plus hours. There were 41 tutor and learner matches.



In 2002, Literacy Volunteers of America merged with the Laumbach Foundation to form ProLiteracy International. LVA maintained member/affiliate status under ProLiteracy.



In 2003, LVA was recognized by the Maine State Legislature House and Senate on the occasion of LVA’s 30th Anniversary.



In 2004, LVA became an incorporated entity (Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta, Inc.) with the State of Maine and in the same year filed for and became a tax-exempt, 501(c)3 organization with the Federal Government.



In 2006, LVA achieved national accreditation from ProLiteracy America.



In January, 2011, LVA’s national accreditation from ProLiteracy America was renewed.



In 2013, ProLiteracy discontinued the accreditation process although LVA continues to be a member/affiliate in good standing.

Also in 2013, LVA celebrated our 40th anniversary of promoting literacy in our community.



2014- LVA was awarded grants from the Maine Department of Education that allowed for the beginning of a technology program to add to the array of services and enhance technology literacy.



The LVA Board of Directors developed a five-year Strategic Plan that fully emphasized a Learner-Centered approach to literacy.



LVA responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic by instituting a Technology Access Program that provided learners with tablets so they could have both the tools and skills needed to compete in a new virtual world.



A big change – Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta merged with Literacy Volunteers – Waterville Area. Our new organization, Literacy Volunteers of Kennebec (LVK), now provides services to ALL of Kennebec County. (The name Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta will still be used in some formats during the transition as LVA was the surviving organization of the merger.)