Our Mission

The mission of Literacy Volunteers of Kennebec is to improve reading, writing and related literacy skills of adults so each individual may reach their potential, and to promote and advocate for literacy.

LVK Statement of Values

In fulfilling its mission to help each individual reach their potential, LVK is committed to recognizing the value of each individual, to treating each individual with respect and compassion, to partnering with other service organizations, and to be welcoming to all who seek our services.



LVK is committed to continually strengthening and improving the organization. LVK maintains a focus on efficiency and creativity in the delivery of programs; is dedicated to ongoing growth in order to significantly increase literacy levels; seeks to discover new ways of harnessing society’s existing resources for the achievement of literacy; and works to be responsive to learner’s needs. LVK collaborates with partners at ProLiteracy and state and local Adult Education programs in order to maintain the highest standards of practice in adult education.


LVK is committed to the effective use of volunteers. LVK provides initial training and support to help build the skills and abilities that will enable volunteers to succeed. Workshops on various topics are held throughout the year, helping volunteers to grow in their knowledge. LVK is always open to new ideas for workshops or Lunch and Learn options.


LVK strives to work in collaboration with other community services in order to support our learners and volunteers. We support others who make a commitment to provide all with access to effective literacy services. LVK works to be a part of the community network and shares resources directed at all components of literacy: family literacy, health literacy, workplace literacy, ESoL, financial literacy, and civic literacy.

Student Focus

LVK is committed to the personal growth of our learners. We help adults and their families acquire basic literacy skills to enable them to achieve broader personal goals. LVK maintains a continuous effort to integrate learners as equal participants and leaders throughout our total organization. LVK is learner-centered, ensuring the focus is on the specific goals of each learner. LVK values and respects each individual’s right to independence, self-determination and, confidentiality. LVK believes that the ability to read and write, to understand and be understood, is critical to personal freedom and the maintenance of a democratic society. We recognize literacy as an integral element in the broader goals of economic opportunity and security, social justice, and dignity.

Diversity equity inclusion


LVK strives to ensure a productive and inclusive environment for all members of our diverse community, which includes people of all abilities, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, nationalities, religious traditions, socioeconomic classes, and ages.

The concepts of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are important to LVK in our strategic initiatives, partnerships, advocacy, innovation, and educational programs as we work to enrich literacy in our community.