Calendar of Events

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January 2022

4th         Literacy For ME Meeting  3:30pm

2nd        LVK Board Meeting  5:30pm

13th       Rd. Lovrien Training  

15th       LVK Retreat – Arboretum

18-19th  Tutor Training  5:30-7:30pm

27th       Rd. Lovrien Training  


February 2022

1st         Literacy For ME Meeting  3:30pm

3rd        LVK Board Meeting  5:30pm

6th–10th  Blind Date With a Book Online Auction 

15th      UMA VAWLT Tutors presentation  10am

16th      United Way Monthly Check-in   11am

March 2022

1st         Literacy For ME meeting  3:30pm

3rd        LVK Board Meeting  5:30pm

15th, 22nd, 29th   Tutor Training (Maranacook Adult Ed)  5:30–7:30pm

14th      Statewide Affiliates Meeting  10am – noon

16th      United Way Monthly Check-in  11am

20th      Maine Mariner’s Hockey13 Storm Center Box tickets available  3pm

10th, 17th, 24th, 31st  Bangor LV series on Poverty and Literacy  10–11:30am

April 2022

5th        Literacy For ME meeting  3:30pm

7th        LVK Board Meeting  5:30pm

23rd     LVK Retreat 10am –2pm


May 2022

2th        Literacy For ME meeting  3:30pm

5th        LVK Board Meeting  5:30pm