Literacy Lab

Literacy Volunteers of Kennebec (LVK) is pleased to join forces with local agencies to provide literacy services:

    • Goodwill Lifeworks Program
    • The Capitol Clubhouse
    • The Augusta Warming Shelter

We are excited to be operating Community Literacy Labs in Augusta. Past Board member, Bob McIntire, brought this concept to us after attending an adult education conference in Chicago in 2011. There he learned about a program run by a literacy organization in Indianapolis called Indy Reads which has been very well received by both tutors and learners.

In this model, LVK enters into a formal agreement with specific sites to provide a Reading Coach at scheduled times to assist clients and potential students with literacy support. The Reading Coach offers free, confidential, one-to-one tutoring services on an as-needed basis. The Community Literacy Lab concept not only provides LVL with a better presence in the community, but also offers a greater opportunity to reach students as well as offering more opportunities for tutors who want to be involved but who cannot commit to a regular tutoring schedule.

If you are interested in more information about our Community Literacy Lab program, or would like to volunteer at one of our sites, please call Executive Director, Virginia Marriner at 626-3440 or e-mail

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