Tutor Training

Tutor and StudentLiteracy Volunteers of Greater Augusta (LVA) tutor training program is focused on ways to explore the adult learning process and supports a learner-centered instruction. The training incorporates strategies that are especially effective in working with adult learners and suggests ways to use “real-life” materials in lesson planning. Training is based on material presented in the 8th edition of Tutor, published by New Reader’s Press, ProLiteracy’s publishing division, Syracuse, NY. Tutor is a professionally designed and field-tested approach that provides:

  • a theoretical and attitudinal base for working with adults;
  • demonstrations, discussions and rationale of needed skills and approaches for tutoring;
  • opportunities to practice skills in a collaborative environment; and
  • a full complement of tools and case studies that will deepen learning.

LVA also offers training following the I Speak English, Fifth Edition, by New Readers Press which is a guide to teaching English (listening, speaking, reading and writing) to speakers of other languages.

All volunteers are required to participate in a 1½ hour volunteer orientation. The focus of this workshop is to learn about the needs for adult literacy in our area and to introduce our agency and programs. Following this orientation, volunteers can decide what role they would like to take in our organization – tutoring a learner, assisting with fundraising, marketing, writing grants, joining our board of directors, or office support. There is no fee for the orientation workshop. Volunteers who wish to become a literacy volunteer tutor are required to participate in the 5-hour tutor training.

Please see the Calendar for the dates of the next training programs.

The executive director is always available to answer questions, provide information and support to all tutors. Tutors are also asked to attend at least one tutor support workshop throughout the year. These workshops focus on a specific topic of interest such as using technology in tutoring, understanding learning disabilities, tutoring English Language Learners as well as providing a forum for tutors to discuss successes and frustrations, ask questions, get ideas and check out new material in the LVA Library.

Additional Training

Volunteer and potential volunteer tutors are encouraged to take advantage of courses offered through the ProLiteracy Education Network (EdNet). The service provides dozens of online professional training courses that volunteer tutors can complete at their own pace.

For more information about Tutor Training opportunities at LVA, please contact Virginia Marriner, Executive Director by calling 626-3440 or e-mailing info@lva-augusta.org