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2nd Annual Fall Scrabble Tournament

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scrabble with pumpkin

Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta is pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Fall Team Scrabble Tournament will take place on October 23, 2011 at University of Maine, Augusta (UMA).

This year, the "Halloween-themed" event will be held in the beautiful Fireplace Lounge located on the 2nd floor of the Randall Student Center on the UMA Campus. Halloween costumes are welcome, but not required.

Participants may register as a team or as a single player. Single layers will be matched with others to form a team of up to 4 members. Team registration fee is $40; individuals may register for $12. All participants must register by October 18.

The official registration and pledge form may be found on our website, or call the office and we will mail you one. Please complete the registration form, enclose your check and mail it in by October 15, 2010. All pledge money must be brought to the event on the 23rd.

Special prizes will be awarded to those who bring in the most pledges. There will also be several door prizes.

September is Literacy Month in Maine!

Join us at Texas Roadhouse!

happy pumpkinsTo celebrate Literacy Month in Maine, LVA is hosting a Fundraiser Night at the highly popular Texas Roadhouse, located at: 26 Whitten Road, Augusta on Wednesday September 7th Between 5:00 & 8:00 pm.


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Greater Augusta Reads... Windsor




windsor - farm fieldThe town of Windsor, which is about 13 miles east of Augusta, was originally a simple plantation known as New Waterford. The town was incorporated as Malta in 1809, and gave its name to the Malta War, a minor rebellion against Massachusetts over settlement & land ownership rights. (From Wikipedia) In 1820, the town was reincorporated as Gerry in honor of statesman Elbridge Gerry. Finally in 1822, the town was again reincorporated with the name, Windsor after the English royal house. Windsor may be best known for the great, Windsor Fair which began in 1888 and is Maine's 2nd largest agricultural fair. This year's fair goes from August 28 – September 5 and features all the old-time, agricultural fair favorites – pie contests, Hussey's Storesteer pulling, pig scramble, giant pumpkin contest, tractor pulls, sheep shows and on and on. Over the years, harness racing, demolition derby and a giant midway have been added for even more family appeal. Everyone can find something fun to see or do at the Windsor Fair!

A popular landmark is Hussey's General Store, located at the corner of routes 32 and 105. Hussey's is a family owned business that was founded in 1923 and is the largest general store in Maine. Their slogan pretty much says it all – "If we ain't got it, you don't need it!"

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Tutors Corner

LVA tutors and students can now access News for You online!

book stackLVA has received a new, hard copy edition of News for You every week for several years. It is a weekly newspaper targeting new readers at level 3-6 and ESL learners from low-intermediate to high-beginning. (Think the Weekly Reader we had in our school days!) Each edition has 7 current, high -interest stories based on national and world news events as well as a crossword puzzle. Each article has 2 sets of exercises to enhance understanding.

Now tutors and students can access News for You online wherever you are and anytime! Each story includes audio so readers can listen to the whole article or sentence by sentence. Key vocabulary is shown in bold with the definition appearing by simply rolling the mouse over the word. Readers can also get immediate feedback from the exercises at the end of each article. Even the crossword puzzle is interactive!

Check it out!

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LVA Board Changes

Thank You to all our VolunteersThe LVA Board of Directors has seen many changes in the past 6 months. Our Board Chair, Elizabeth Cooper, resigned in June as her responsibilities working as a nonpartisan policy analyst for the State Legislature needed to be her top priority. We have also recently had to say at least a temporary good-by to Bob McIntire and Judy Paradis—both long-time board members who gave us much in time and talent. We sincerely thank Elizabeth, Bob and Judy for their dedication and commitment to LVA and hope to see all of them again soon!

The Board is grateful to Mark Flight, for taking on the leadership of our Board. Mark has been the Adult Education Director for the Winthrop/Monmouth School District for 10+ years.

Joining as a new Board member this summer is Elaine Bourne of Belgrade Lakes. A lawyer by profession, Elaine has been working in the field of higher education. She completed Tutor Training last March and is in the process of starting a new business. Welcome Elaine!

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Volunteers Voices

Let the Fingers do the Walking

by LVA Tutor, Pat Boisvert

I first met Ellen in May, 2010 – my first tutoring assignment. She's a fan of baseball, football, puzzles, arts & crafts and computers and told me she doesn't really like to read.

Ellen's goal was to become a better speller. It took about four months to find a system that worked for us. In September, I began using books I found in the Literacy Library on Spruce Street – Patterns in Spelling. I read words out loud and Ellen types them on the computer. We shared a laugh when the computer automatically completed the word February. No cheating Ellen! We discovered that when I've spoken a word unfamiliar to Ellen she puts her right hand on the table and moves her fingers as though she's drawing the word which seems to help her sound it out phonetically. Whatever is happening works! What matters is that Ellen is a better speller and she brought in a book that she would like to read during our time together.

Quote of the Month:

"Don't be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don't have to live forever, you just have to live"

- Natalie Babbitt, is an American author and illustrator of children's books. Read more about Natalie Babbitt

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