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New volunteer opportunity

Coming Events in 2011

Fall Scrabble Fun

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2010 has been a busy year for LVA!

Thanks to all of our wonderful LVA volunteers & supporters for making this year a wonderful success!

We could not have done it without YOU!

Thank you to all our volunteers


New volunteer opportunity!!

We are currently looking for volunteers who are interested in learning how to administer our formal assessment program to evaluate new students. This 2-3 hour workshop will be offered in January; exact date to be determined.

Please email the LVA office at or call 626-3440.



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Coming Events in 2011





Scrabble Fun

Our Fall Scrabble Tournament on October 24th at Hallowell City Hall was a great success. Thanks again to all who brought in pledges and everyone who came to play! Congratulation to all the winners:

Fall Scrabble Winners Cy & ICompetitive Team Winners:

Social Team Winners:

Some of the Raffle Winners

Congratulation to all!

Scrabble photos contributed by John Brandt visit his Flickr site for more images.

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Tutor Tips

Is your student making progress??
How can you tell??

Tutor and LearnerA recent project in Canada explored learners' ideas regarding their progress in adult literacy programs. Research found that many learners especially valued the non-academic outcomes - the real life activities that they could do now because of their increased literacy skills.

Is your student:

If you are noticing any of these qualities in your student, let them know!! They may not even realize that these kinds of differences are a sure sign of progress!

For more information on this study, see (This site was formerly known as NIFL - the National Institute for Literacy)

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Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta wishes all of you, Students, Tutors, Board and Training Members and our wonderful Funders a most Joyous Holiday Season. Thank you, to each one of you, for your contributions toward increasing literacy skills in our little corner of the world.