The Covid 19 pandemic significantly highlighted the need for technology literacy across Maine. Maine Literacy Volunteer programs understood the significant inequalities that caused people with limited understanding of technology and limited access to technology devices such as computers, tablets and smart phones to struggle in a new virtual world. Many Literacy Volunteer programs had to severely limit tutors meeting face to face, which impacted learner’s goals of learning to read, getting a high school diploma, getting a driver’s license, learning English for the
first time, or getting a job. To address this dilemma, Literacy Volunteers of Kennebec (also known as Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta) initiated a Technology Access Program whichprovided tutors and learners with tablets and internet connectivity, so our learners could be more informed about technology in addition to meeting their learning goals.

One of our tutors, recognized the importance of this program, working with his own learner over zoom on the tablet and encouraged our program to apply to Central Maine Power (CMP) where he is employed, to help sustain this project and take steps to address the need statewide. 

CMP clearly recognized the importance of giving back to the community by meeting one of the most relevant and prevailing needs in Maine of increasing digital/technology literacy. We are very pleased to announce that CMP awarded Literacy Volunteers of Kennebec (also known as Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta) $50,000.00 to expand technology literacy in Maine.


Literacy Volunteers of Kennebec will be adminstering the CMP grant and will distribute funds to eight (8) Literacy Volunteer Affiliate Programs across Maine to increase access to technology and develop skills in technology for those with limited literacy and those who are new immigrants in need of English language skills in addition to technology literacy. These funds are to be used for activities such as providing technology equipment (tablets, iPads, laptops) and/or providing technology instruction to learners at no cost. Technology equipment may be provided as a loan, for on-site use, or granting to learners, as best determined by the Literacy Volunteer

We thank CMP for this forward thinking action that will significantly help to reduce the inequalities of access to technology that many Mainers experience.

Maine Literacy Volunteer Statewide Program contact information is available through 211

Or through the National Literacy Directory free hotline: