iPad Policies

Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta – iPad Policies

Approved by the Board of Directors: November 7, 2013

General Provisions

  1. All LVA iPads (devices) must remain in the LVA office at all times.
  2. Students may use the devices only under the supervision of their teacher.
  3. The addition or deletion of software (apps) on devices is done only by authorized LVA staff or volunteers.
  4. All tutors wishing to use these devices must attend an orientation meeting on their use.
  5. Devices will be placed on chargers when the batteries reach 30% charge or lower and must remain on charge until they reach 100%.
  6. Devices must remain in their protective cases at all times.
  7. Devices will be used for instructional purposes only. They are not to be used for entertainment, checking e-mail or using social media unless those activities are for instructional purposes.
  8. All problems with apps or the operating system should be reported to staff as soon as possible.
  9. Users should not attempt to update, add, delete or significantly alter any of the apps or settings on the devices.
  10. Google Drive and associated Google Docs will be used for document creation and storage. Each device has a unique Google (gmail) identifier.
  11. Personalized information should not be inputted into the devices.


Each device has identical software and is linked to a common iTunes account. All app installations and backups are administered through iCloud meaning synching is accomplished automatically.

Google Drive with Google Docs will be used for the creation, retention and sharing of documents. Each device is also furnished with a copy of Pages, a general word processor app.

The choosing and acquisition of new apps will be through a committee of tutors and board members. Tutors may request for the acquisition of new apps, however decisions regarding the purchase and installation remains with this committee. Installation and updating of software will be the responsibility of LVA staff or designee.


Will be provided to tutors and volunteers at no cost.