scrabble2013Spring Scrabble

Sunday, April 3, 2016 from 1-4 pm

Please join LVA at the Senator Inn & Spa, Western Avenue, Augusta, ME.

Use this link to download the registration form…

Enjoy a fun afternoon with friends and family

Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta’s (LVA) Scrabble Tournament is one of the major fundraisers that helps to support literacy services in our community. Funds raised through Scrabble allows LVA to help people in Maine who face significant barriers to work, independence and self-sufficiency due to their lack of good reading and writing skills. Today, education is critical to economic stability and individual opportunity. There are more people in our community that have trouble reading the instructions on a prescription bottle, have trouble understanding finances and cannot move up in their job because their reading level holds them back, than we know. Literacy Volunteers offers a safe place for people to learn to read, but LVA needs your help.

Play scrabble, have some M&Ms and popcorn, win some great prizes and learn that “Changing a life is as simple as ABC.”

To Register:

Call the office at 207-626-3440, email at info@lva-augusta.org

or fill out the brochure and mail it in to:

12 Spruce Street, Suite 4,
Augusta, ME 4330.

Not only will you have fun playing scrabble, you have the chance to win some…

GREAT prizes!

Top Pledge Raiser:

$200.00 LL Bean Gift Card

Top Scoring TeamCompetitive – One dozen Whoopie Pies

Top Scoring TeamSocial – One dozen Whoopie Pies

Overall Top Scorer – $50.00 Gift Card to Barnes & Noble

Door Prizes: Signed edition of My Father My President by Doro Bush Koch

                       Six Flower arrangements

Silent Auction Items:


  • Augusta Country Club –  Round of Golf for Four
  • DRAGONFLY Oriental Medicine – One Acupuncture Treatment valued at $120.00
  • Colby College Summer Camp – Tuition for one child – your choice of overnight sport camps at Colby College for the Summer 2016 session. Camps available are Girls or Boys Basketball, Girls or Boys Soccer, or Field Hockey.  For camp information and dates, visit www.colby.edu/camps. Value: $500
  • Lighthouse Seafood Market – $25.00
  • Penny’s Barber Shop – $25.00
  • School Day Backpack – $25.00
  • Morphie Powerstation: – $50.00
  • Food Gift Pack– $30.00 
  • Wine and Wine Bottle Opener – $35.00

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors.

10 Strategies to Improving Your Scrabble Game adapted from “Everything Scrabble” by Williams and Edley

  1. TWO & THREE LETTER WORDS – There’s an easy way to increase your average score by 50 points just by getting familiar with your basic 2-letter and 3-letter words.
  2. REMEMER YOUR “S” – If you use your “S” tiles wisely you can earn an extra 10 points. Can you pluralizing one word while making another word at the same time?
  3. TILE CHANGE-UP – Keep your tiles moving. Shuffle them frequently and rearrange your tiles based on the common ways the letters go together. Examples are: EST, FUL, ISM, ND, BR, STR, KLE, ENT, DLE, IUM, and TH.
  4. BONUS SQUARES – Look for the BONUS squares, check for bonus squares next to vowels.
  5. NEXT PLAY – Always be one step ahead. A good strategist is always playing their hand and the next one at the same time.
  6. BINGOS. Earn more points when you use all 7 tiles at once. By learning the beginnings and endings to common words this allows you to gain more points and use more tiles.
  7. Q WITHOUT U – Forget the U after Q. Learn more Q words such as: Faqir, Qintar, Qwerty, Qabala, Tranq, and Qaids.
  8. HOOKS – Don’t have good tiles then look for the HOOKS. A hook is a tile that is added to a word on the board to make a new word. Watch for the words that end with Y,E,R,D. Some examples are hand(y), tame(d,r), plan(es).
  9. SECOND THOUGHT – Even if you have a word ready to be played take a few moments and look for a better word. Always try to give yourself an option or two. This will also help sharpen your strategic skills.
  10. 10. ATTITUDE – Luck and attitude can influence your game. Sometimes the combination of tiles is unlucky, but a positive attitude brings fun to the game for everyone.



On October 25th four Highland Greeners headed to Augusta to play Scrabble with other people who love the game and who also wanted to help raise funds for Literacy Volunteers. After three intense games of 30 minutes each, game totals were added together.   It was a clean sweep for the Highland Green folks. Win or not, the Scrabble tournament was a fun time for all.  Besides playing Scrabble, participants could participate in several raffles, including a 50/50 raffle, and raffles for great items donated by local businesses.In addition, there was delicious, bad for you food, including cookies, candy, popcorn, and cupcakes.  Best of all is knowing that all the monies raised will go to promote literacy.