Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta

“We believe everyone should have an opportunity to learn to read. Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta, a non-profit organization, exists to improve the reading, writing and related literacy skills of area adults who read below the sixth grade level. We offer one-to-one, learner-centered instruction that is free, private and confidential.”

Core Values


Literacy is the ability of an individual to use reading, speaking, writing, and computational skills in everyday life situations. We believe that the ability to read and write, to understand and be understood, is critical to personal freedom and the maintenance of a democratic society. We recognize literacy as an integral element in the broader goals of economic opportunity and security, social justice, and dignity.


We are committed to continually strengthening and improving the organization. We will continue our focus on efficiency and creativity in the delivery of programs; to grow and expand in order to significantly increase literacy levels; to discover new ways of harnessing society’s existing resources for the achievement of literacy; and to remain responsive to our students’ needs. We are committed to the highest standards.

Student Focus

We are committed to the personal growth of our students. We help adults and their families acquire basic literacy skills, and by doing this enable them to achieve broader personal goals. We will maintain a continuous effort to integrate students as equal participants and leaders throughout our total organization. We respect an individual’s right to confidentiality.


We are committed to the effective use of volunteers. We will offer training and support to help build the skills and abilities that will enable volunteers to grow and succeed. We will provide an environment for satisfaction and fulfillment.


We value diversity in all of our relationships, and will strive to meet staff, customer, and volunteer needs impartially and without bias. We are committed to increasing diversity within all of our activities and will actively seek opportunities to enhance this commitment.


We strive to work in harmony and collaboration with respect and understanding. We are committed to listening, speaking, writing, and interacting with clarity and sensitivity. We strive to provide an environment that offers challenges, rewards, and opportunities for personal and professional growth to both attract and retain talented volunteer and paid staff. We support others who make a commitment to provide all with access to effective literacy services.