LVA Awarded ConnectME Broadband Technical Assistance Initiative Technology Grant

The Literacy Volunteer Technology grant program has recently awarded three grants including one to Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta (LVA).

Connect ME - Broadband Adoption ProjectThe goal of the grant is to provide adult Maine citizens information and technical assistance on how they can use broadband internet services for education, enrichment, accessing health information and governmental services as well as supporting economic and community development.

In order to ensure that literacy volunteer programs in Maine have the equipment to support that technical assistance, LVA received a grant of $2,500 as a partner in the ConnectME initiative. Our program is now part of the Community Connection project helping Maine adults explore the uses of high-speed broadband internet. These programs are offering technical assistance presentations to community groups to explain the ways in which people can utilize broadband for education, enrichment, health, access to government information and improve literacy skills.

Participants will learn how they can find broadband options in their own neighborhoods. The program is made possible through the umbrella of the broadband stimulus grant awarded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to the Connect ME Authority, the state agency charged with expanding broadband service and adoption in Maine.

Broadband access can be a vital link to expanding educational opportunities, health information, economic and community development resources and access to governmental services. In these presentations, there will be examples of these services, such as the ability to access important health information or completing employment applications, many times difficult or impossible to do without broadband access.

The goal of the ConnectME Authority is to facilitate universal availability of Maine’s broadband service and to increase the “take rate” or adoption to equal or greater than the national average. The initial broadband technical assistance presentations are about ten minutes long and are a perfect program for civic or social organizations. To schedule a presentation contact Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta at 207-626-3440 or email

For additional information contact Bob McIntire – Office of Adult Education – 207-24-6778 –

Funding for the Literacy Volunteer Technology Grants is made possible by a grant from the National Telecommunications Information Administration through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the State Broadband Data and Development Grant Program. Award Number 23-50-M09062.