Filing the FAFSA at FAFSA.GOV

The Finance Authority of Maine has asked us to remind Mainers about the FREE filing opportunities for the FAFSA form…
Graduation capThis year we are hearing that an increasing number of students are being asked to pay to a fee to file the FAFSA because students are not going to FAFSA.GOV to file their FAFSA. FAFSA.GOV is the official site and is free!  Please help us share this information with your students.

When doing a Google search for FAFSA, or often come in ahead of FAFSA.GOV in the listings, which is causing confusion. These sites are not the official site and charge students a fee ($80 or more) to collect and send the data to FAFSA.GOV.

Please help us remind students that the first “F” in FAFSA stands for FREE and that they need to go to FAFSA.GOV to file their FAFSA.

Some students and families are attracted to these sites as they offer a paid service to help file the FAFSA. However, there is no need to pay for help!  Free help is available at FAME! Give us a call at 1-800-228-3734, or email us at, or direct students to one of our In-Person Help sessions (visit for a list of upcoming sessions).