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Tutor and StudentThe mission of Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta – LVA is to improve the reading, writing and related literacy skills of adults so each individual may reach their potential.

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LVA Hours: Mon. 11am-3pm, Tues. 9am-1pm, Wed. 9am-4pm, Thurs. 9am-4pm Fri. Closed

Storm closing- LVA is closed if Augusta Schools are closed due to weather.

Occasionally we have to close if staff are attending community meetings, and a notice will be posted on the door.

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Happy 2017- beginning the pages of a new book…..

With a bright new year, consider volunteering – making a difference. Check out our calendar page for trainings and upcoming events.

Join us for our 10th Annual Scrabble tournament – April 2nd!

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A special thanks to our sponsors this year – Kennebec Savings and Northeast Bank! Our other generous and wonderful supporters are listed on the Support page. 

Literacy is truly critical to a healthy community – thank you all!Quote from Dr. Suess

Celebrate the Holidays with Books

Join Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta at Barnes & Noble this Sunday, Dec. 18th from 1-5pm. What greater gift, but the gift of reading. Enjoy browsing at Barnes & Noble for that perfect book, stop by the café, and while you might want to consider some indulgences at the cafe, let LVA friends and volunteers wrap your purchases for you. Wrapping is free, but any donation you might want to consider will help to make a difference for one of our learners. LVA volunteers will also be at Barnes & Noble on Friday, December 23rd, from 1-5pm for all the last minute shoppers. Santa's Elves at B&N 2