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   There is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you can make a difference on #Giving Tuesday – a time to reflect on what giving back is all about. Please consider supporting LVA and giving our learners a hand up.

Fall Team SCRABBLE 2015

Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta thanks everyone who supported the

 Fall Team SCRABBLE® Tournament!

The following was shared by our loyal players:

On October 25th four Highland Greeners headed to Augusta to play Scrabble with other people who love the game and who also wanted to help raise funds for Literacy Volunteers.    After three intense games of 30 minutes each, game totals were added together.   It was a clean sweep for the Highland Green folks.    Elizabeth Cole and Liz Lee came in first in the social division; Gail and Cy Kendrick came in first in the competitive division.

Win or not, the Scrabble tournament was a fun time for all.   Besides playing Scrabble, participants could participate in several raffles, including a 50/50 raffle, and raffles for great items donated by local businesses.   In addition, there was delicious, bad for you food, including cookies, candy, popcorn, and cupcakes.  Best of all is knowing that all the monies raised will go to promote literacy.

Literacy Volunteers Augusta and Literacy Volunteers Androscoggin run Scrabble tournaments three times a year.   Information about the tournaments can be found at www.lva-augusta.org and http://www.literacyvolunteersandro.org/Scrabble-fest.html.  The next one is April 17th at the Hilton Garden Inn Ballroom in Auburn, Maine.   Why not come out and support this great organization and maybe even consider becoming a Literacy Volunteer tutor.   Our local Literacy Volunteers group is located in Bath.   For more information about them and how you can help, go to http://www.tricountyliteracy.org/.