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Tutor and StudentThe mission of Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta – LVA is to improve the reading, writing and related literacy skills of adults so each individual may reach their potential.

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Credit: Images licensed through Creative Commons by BooleanSplit, Liz West.

LVA Newsletter

LVA is going totally GREEN. The LVA Newsletter, The Open Book, will now only be published on our website. Just click on the NEWS heading above to read some interesting literacy news, check out the upcoming calendar and keep in touch.  (Special thanks to Board member, Kathy Moore, for her work in producing the Newsletter.) If anyone has any interesting articles, pictures of you and your learner, artwork or writings/poetry by tutor or learner we would love to publish it in the newsletter – just forward them along to info@lva-augusta.org. If your learner has made some significant accomplishments, like getting a promotion or getting a driver’s license and they would like to share that news – let us know. If you are aware of any community events related to literacy we would be interested in that.    As always we want to thank all of our tutors and learners for the hard work they do.

Create a little good karma….

Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta has been selected to participate in the Augusta Cony Hannaford “Hannaford Helps” Reusable Bag Program for  SEPTEMBER 2016

When you purchase blue “Hannaford Helps” Reusable Bags at $2.29, at the Cony Circle Hannaford $1 will be donated to Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta throughout the entire month of September.

The “Hannaford Helps” Reusable Bag Program supports the community, is an easy way to contribute to literacy, and saves the environment. Hannaford and Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta believe that our community grows stronger when we work together!

The program supporting LVA is only available at the

Augusta Cony Hannaford
118 Cony Street, Augusta, Maine 04330

These blue bags with the good karma message are conveniently located at various registers or you can simply ask where the reusable bag rack is located to find them.