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Tutor and StudentThe mission of Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta – LVA is to improve the reading, writing and related literacy skills of adults so each individual may reach their potential.

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LVA Hours: Mon. 11am-3pm, Tues. 9am-1pm, Wed. 9am-4pm, Thurs. 9am-4pm Fri. Closed

Storm closing- LVA is closed if Augusta Schools are closed due to weather.

Occasionally we have to close if staff are attending community meetings, and a notice will be posted on the door.

Credit: Images licensed through Creative Commons by BooleanSplit, Liz West.

Spring Plant Sale

If you live or work near the 45 Commerce Drive Complex in Augusta, stop by on Wednesday May 10th or Thursday, May 11th – Literacy Volunteers of Greater Augusta will be holding a Spring Plant Sale just outside Brit’s Café. There will be beautifully wrapped spring plants available for $10.00 each – just in time for Mother’s Day. The plants are fresh from Longfellow’s Greenhouses. All proceeds go to supporting literacy in your community.


Thank you so much to our wonderful friends and supporters who made the LVA Amazing Scrabble Tournament a resounding success.

 A special thank you to Bangor Savings Bank for their generous donation of space. It was a bright and beautiful space and enjoyed by everyone.